I'm so glad you're here!

For as long as I can remember, I guess since the age of five; I've been running, jumping, or climbing trees. Physical activity was as necessary as eating for me; not because I was forced, because it relieved a lot of stress for me.

As I got older, physical activity became my over-the-counter medicine to create feelings of happiness toward myself. The stress relief was only temporary.

Taking some time to look in, and evaluate my feelings about myself has changed the course of my life.

Training and coaching others over the last nine years and my journey to self-love has culminated to SHIFT.

SHIFT is my expression of self-love moment-to-moment. It is about looking and feeling exactly the way you want, inside and out. It is about loving YOU exactly the way you are.

SHIFT invites you get honest with yourself, embrace ALL of your truths and rewrite the conversations that hold you back. 

You are invited to love your body, Naked!

Thank you for being here!
Love me, naked and all

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